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How we work

TRPP is completely independent and we are able to look at the whole of the financial market before making any recommendations. This means we give you advice which is right for you and is not limited to certain areas, or influenced by the products from particular companies.

Initial discussion

We start by offering an initial chat at our expense about why you’re seeking advice and how we might be able to help. During this discussion we can explain our services to you, and you can ask questions and get to know us better. We understand that trust is integral when you’re choosing a financial adviser. You can be assured that TRPP is a friendly, professional team and we pride ourselves on great relationships and service for our clients.

Tailored advice

If you wish to become a client of TRPP, our next step is to obtain detailed information about your financial and personal circumstances. This is vital to ensure that any advice we give is right for you and we’re not overlooking anything of importance. We’ll then set out the cost for our advice in writing to you, with full details of the services we’ll provide, before making recommendations on the matters you need our help with.

Keeping plans on track

Sometimes you may only need a one-off piece of advice. If you need longer term advice, for example in relation to investments or pension planning, we will also agree with you the basis of our review service. Importantly, all of our communications will be clear about the services we’ll deliver, the cost involved and why they are needed – so you can understand and assess the value of the advice you’re receiving.

At TRPP we aim to become your primary source of professional advice. We have strong relationships with other professionals, such as solicitors and accountants, to whom we can refer you if you need advice which we are not able to provide. Contact us today.