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Investment growth and income

If you want your money to grow investing can be a great way to see a real return on your savings. At TRPP we provide independent, whole-of-market advice to narrow down the abundance of investment opportunities available.

You may have a particular goal for the money you’re investing, or you may wish to use the interest on your investments to give you a regular income. We find out what’s important to you and develop a tailored investment plan which is right for you, taking into account factors such as:

  • your goals and future plans
  • how long you want to invest
  • your need for income
  • how and when you want to access your money
  • how much risk you feel comfortable with.

Investing can be complex and the economy can change quickly. It’s easy for inexperienced investors to fall into traps like paying too much tax or putting all their eggs in one basket. We can help you avoid these pitfalls and ensure your investments are structured to maximise chances for growth or income, whilst helping to protect you from the downside. We’ll also make sure that your investments are appropriate for your tax situation, and give you the flexibility you need.

Please contact us to discuss your investment needs in more detail, or find out more about investing and personal wealth.