How it works

What are you getting?

Initial discussion

We start by offering an initial chat at our expense to listen and understand why you are seeking advice. During this first discussion we can explain our services, outline how we might help you and answer your questions. We will also explain the likely costs or fees involved.

We know that trust is at the top of the list when choosing a financial adviser. You can be assured that TRPP is a friendly, professional team and we put our professional relationships and service to our clients at the centre of everything we do.

Tailored advice

If you would like to become a client of TRPP, our next step is to obtain detailed information about your financial and personal circumstances. This is vital to ensure that any advice we give is right for you and we’re not overlooking anything of importance.

We’ll then set out the cost for our advice in writing to you, with full details of the services we will provide, when making recommendations on the matters you need help with.

Keeping plans on track

Sometimes you may only need a one-off piece of advice. More often you will need longer term advice, for example in relation to investments or pension planning, so we will also agree with you the basis of our review service, including access to information about your investments or pensions at any time via our Wealth Platform online portal.

Importantly, all of our communications will be clear about the services we’ll deliver, the cost involved and why they are needed – so you can understand and assess the value of the advice you’re receiving.

What are you paying?

We are fee-based financial advisers. This means we provide you with a costing for our services in much the same way as other professional services you might employ.

Our fees are based upon the provision of our qualified and professional expertise, the time taken to analyse your circumstances and devise an appropriate plan, and completion of a report that explains our recommendations. Amongst other factors accounted for are the broader costs of performing such an important role in your life, such as the provision of a high quality regulatory and compliance framework.

In every case we will be completely upfront about our fees and will set out to you all of the costs early in the process. These will be detailed again in writing before proceeding with the work. You will not be surprised by any unexpected bills and we will explain the costs of any financial products in full.

Management fee

Management fee is a way of integrating our services into the charging structure of a financial product. However, this option can only be considered if it is suitable for your needs and is someting you are willing to do.


If the management fee option is not viable for your case, we can settle our fees by an invoice. It will be sent to you after the completion of our work. 

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