Contacting us

Wherever possible please can you send an email with any queries or concerns and we will get back to you by phone or email. This will not always be appropriate so we have a ‘soft phones’ initiative in place where you call the normal office number detailed below and calls will be answered by one of the team who will be able to assist or transfer you.

Communication with you – TRPP Wealth Platform

At this strange time for all of us, more than ever, fraudsters seek to exploit our anxieties. As such we would like to offer the facility for us to communicate with you via a secure online platform. This is part of our online offering which we have been building up to over the last few years and we are very pleased to offer you the opportunity to register as part of our ongoing service proposition to you, at no extra cost.

TRPP Wealth Platform provides the ability for us to ‘upload’ documents and information for you without the need to send through the post or via a password protected email attachment. Once you are registered you will be able to start using this function straightaway. As soon as you are registered you will be able to login to your personal computer, tablet or phone, and access the document library where the information added by us, can be accessed securely by you, using your own username and password. In addition you will be able to monitor your investments and pensions held with TRPP via Wealth Platform, look at individual funds, review your risk profile, and in time be able to add other assets you hold, for a full picture of your wealth.

PLEASE LET US KNOW THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN REGISTERING BY EMAILING TO, and we will begin to set up your profile. If technology makes you shudder with trepidation you don’t have to register – that is perfectly ok. Equally, if you are already registered, up and running the Wealth Platform, please ignore.