Family law and divorce

Accredited experts in divorce, we give trustworthy financial advice for a fair resolution.

As one of a very limited number of financial advisers in the UK accredited by Resolution, the body that provides a code of practice for Family Lawyers, TRPP is often the trusted first choice for solicitors and clients needing financial advice as part of a divorce.

Helping people achieve fairness, certainty and peace of mind, our recommendations are always completely confidential and impartial. To reduce stress at a difficult time, we’ll ensure that the advice we provide is concise, understandable and affordable.

How can we help you?

  • Working with your solicitor to ensure a fair separation of assets
  • Translating pension rules so that pension savings are divided fairly and correctly
  • Helping you understand the different options available to you
  • Mapping your future income needs alongside your divorce settlement
  • Providing expert opinion and reports for family lawyers

For an informal chat about your situation and how we can help, just get in touch with our friendly team now.

“Mike is knowledgeable, accessible, great value and connects instantly with clients.  He is the utterly to-be-trusted safe-hands and the usual first port of call for pension issues in divorce.  Mike is the sort of back-pocket secret-weapon that our clients should expect us to know about.” 

James Pirrie, Director at Family Law in Partnership London WC2


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