Reducing the tax you pay

Enjoy significant tax savings with advice on the right options and allowances.

Reducing tax is one of TRPP’s most popular advice areas and the savings often impress and surprise our clients. We can help you make the most of tax allowances and approved tax-efficient arrangements you may not be aware of, delivering you real value and demonstrating why professional advice is so worthwhile.

These savings may come from a number of sources, like structuring your retirement income in the most tax-efficient way or reducing the amount of inheritance tax your loved ones pay.

Because reducing tax is about understanding and selecting the right options that are open to everyone, we try to ensure our clients do not to pay unnecessary tax and we take time to ensure you understand the rules.

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“While acting as executor to my father’s estate it became very clear that if no action was taken there would be a very serious risk that when my Mother died her estate would be landed with a significant Inheritance tax charge. Following the recommendation of Mother’s Investment Managers we were introduced to Nick.

Nick took the time to fully understand Mother’s financial position and her financial needs and once he had completed his research he came up with his recommendations. Nick then spent significant time going through his plan and the reasons for his recommendation with Mother even though she had said she was all at sea when it comes to finances. She felt very comfortable that Nick was genuinely working in her best interests and was very happy to accept his recommendations.”

Mr N, Lymington


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